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Catalina Lakefront Retreat is run by David and Heather Hagen who share a passion to help people with a disability to enjoy a better quality of life.

This venue, together with their Charity Disability Life Enrichment, is part of the greater vision that has led them to make a contribution wherever possible, to improve the lot of people less fortunate.

Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers ensure guests are comfortable and make the most of their stay.


Enriching the lives of our special people groups:-

  • Youth with disabilities and
  • Seniors requiring respite care

by rescuing them from social isolation and feelings of despair and building inclusiveness within the wider community.

You can also help make a difference in the life of someone with a disability. Thanks to the support of our corporate, church, school, and community clients, we are able to support Disability Life Enrichment in providing outreach to groups with special needs.

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