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We create, manage and execute data driven campaigns across various direct response channels, with a particular focus on digital, direct mail, and mobile. We also support clients on their DRTV, telephone and face-to-face activities. You should chat to us if you want a full service agency, or just need some fundraising support. Or a mixture of both.

always evolving.

Our delivery is focused on helping you achieve your financial outcomes and executing your project to the very highest quality.

We’re constantly looking to learn from results and apply those learnings to your program. If it can’t be measured, then we’re not the right agency for you.

We plan every project with fresh eyes, new ideas and approaches to increase performance and engagement. We never take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, we always look to make your stories and communications have the right look and feel for your supporters.


We don’t have a one size fits all pricing model that only works for organisations with big budgets. We can provide full-service agency support, or we can work with you just on a specific project. For some clients we work on major appeals full service or perhaps just up until print and production. Each of our clients’ needs differ and, as part of your team, we look to plug the gaps and increase resource during campaigns, not double handle. Our aim is to fit in with you just right.

We want to work on great fundraising projects with great outcomes for your beneficiaries. We don’t want to limit that by having conditional terms that distract from the main business at hand.

That's easy for us to say - have a look at what our partners and clients have told us recently. testimonials.

Our team.

Jonathon Grapsas

Founder & Director

Jono set up flat earth direct in 2011 to help small and medium-sized charities ensure their results match their ambitions. All these years later, and he reckons the fed team have done this by offering a more flexible way of working, which means that smaller organisations aren’t excluded from the sector’s learnings and insights just for being small.

Jono’s passion is working in agencies and helping charities grow their individual giving programs via direct response fundraising. He’s been lucky enough to do this all around the world, starting in the U.K., across the pond in Canada and now back in his native Australia.

Jono considers it a huge privilege to be working with and for an incredible group of fundraisers.

Sara Mansfield

Senior Consultant

Sara, originally from the UK, lives in Brisbane and has been working alongside the flat earth direct team since March 2013.

Sara has worked directly for large and small charities as well as via bespoke direct response partners, such as fed.

While a fundraising all-rounder, Sara has specific expertise in direct response and telephone fundraising. She is super pragmatic and determined to help her clients achieve sustainable growth, often on a shoestring. Her particular passion is helping small organisations focus on individual giving and enabling them to give their supporters the very best care possible.

In fact, she is also working part-time for the Save the Bilby Fund, that’s how much it means to her!

Kirsty Graham

Head of Development

Kirsty lives in Brisbane and joined the flat earth direct team in October 2016.
Kirsty’s worked for some incredible causes in the past, including those in the animal welfare and disability spaces. She’s enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience with flat earth direct’s clients immensely.

Kirsty loves connecting good people to good causes, and she’s passionate about all areas of individual giving. Bequests are a special area of interest having witnessed firsthand the transformational impact gifts in Wills can have on an organisation, and the role internal culture and leadership can play in realising them.

Kate Plokstys

Account Director

Kate is based in Sydney, and joined flat earth direct as our first employee in February 2012.

Kate loves crunching numbers, seeing donors’ handwritten messages, the privilege of sharing beneficiaries’ stories, and the way fundraising gives people the chance to be the most generous version of themselves.

Passionate about equal opportunity, Kate appreciates the way flat earth direct’s model and ethos eradicates barriers of access—physical and financial—for good causes of all sizes and locations.

Josie O’Hara-Davies

Account Director

Josie’s been a key member of our Brisbane team since she joined flat earth direct in June 2012. Prior to agency life, Josie worked in the direct marketing team of one of Queensland’s largest cancer organisations.

Josie loves being able to witness donor generosity firsthand. She’s inspired by the way donors can make so much difference and expect nothing in return.

Josie feels grateful for the opportunity to work with the brilliant minds and big hearts of her clients and colleagues.

Emma Morrissey

Account Manager

Emma joined flat earth direct in March 2019, after working within fundraising teams at a number of large Queensland not-for-profit organisations.

Emma is passionate about working within a purpose-driven industry, having been involved in fundraising both personally and professionally over the last 10 years. Emma’s favourite thing about fundraising is witnessing the impact that organisations can make to people’s lives—she’s a bit of a softie at heart.

It’s really a no-brainer that Emma ended up at flat earth direct working from Brisbane, being drawn by the opportunity to do good work with good people for great causes.

Margaux Smith

Account Director

After gaining a post-grad degree in fundraising in her home country of Canada, and then working in London as a fundraising copywriter, Margaux decided that Australia and account management felt like the perfect fit.

She joined the flat earth direct team in July 2013, and now calls Melbourne home.

Margaux’s heart pulls her towards animal welfare causes, and social justice issues, and she loves working with colleagues and clients who care as much as she does about having a positive impact.

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