Digital Fundraising.

We have used digital channels to integrate with our clients’ direct mail appeals since our clients started amassing email addresses. As technology and access to smartphones has developed, fed’s digital projects have broadened their scope.

Alongside working with you on an appeal we design and then actively manage the custom audiences and performance of Facebook/Instagram campaigns for recruitment of new donors and to reflect your current campaign via posts on your pages. During a Giving Day, depending on your key audience and goals, we would do the same over the 12 or 24h period.

Whether it is a 2-step campaign, a petition, an event or a Facebook challenge, then we have an excellent track record in both building a business case and executing the project.

Our online (and offline) surveys and ‘take action’ campaigns are second to none plus we know how to engage online communities for peer-to-peer fundraising, events and awareness.

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