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How an advocate can assist

Individual advocacy is speaking, acting and writing on behalf of a vulnerable person whose human rights are being denied and whose fundamental needs are not being met. SUFY provides short, medium and long term social advocacy.

Some examples of how an advocate can assist:

  • Assist people to obtain appropriate housing
  • Assist people to maintain their tenancy
  • Assist people to access appropriate mental health services
  • Provide support at mental health tribunal
  • Provide support at QCAT hearings in relation to matters of Guardianship, Restrictive Practices and Administration
  • Assist people who are involved in the criminal justice system
  • Assist people to access appropriate legal services when necessary
  • Raise complaints and bring to the attention of the relevant authorities incidents of abuse and neglect
  • Assist people who have been forced to live in inappropriate settings such as nursing homes or health facilities to get their support needs met
  • Assist people to address issues of discrimination
  • Assist people to access necessary and appropriate equipment
  • Support people to have as much choice and control in their life as possible
  • Assist people to access necessary and adequate funding to meet their needs
  • Raise complaints regarding service gaps and/or reduction in service provision
  • Raise complaints regarding service policy and procedure which impacts on a person’s support by restricting their independence and individual choice
  • Assist people with ongoing matters with the Public Guardian or Public Trustee
  • Assist people to navigate and negotiate the NDIS
  • Provide information about and support people through the NDIS Appeals Process

Individual Stories

June’s Story

June’s story proves that it is never too late for a good life. We invite you to watch this video and learn more about June’s

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Charlie’s Story

When SUFY first met Charlie he was residing in an emergency accommodation facility. Isolated from his community and informal networks Charlie had limited say over

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Jenna’s Story

Jenna is 49 years old with a mild intellectual disability who had lived in the same public housing home all of her life. The tenancy

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